Our Vision

The BAYS Foundation believes that organized sports can engage and transform the experiences of all young people, and, when part of structured programs with a larger educational mission, can help change lives and strengthen communities.


Many low income children in the Bay Area do not have the opportunity to play organized sports. Only one-in-four school-aged children gets the recommended amount of daily physical activity, and many children are in schools which have eliminated physical education programs. As a result, after-school programs often provide the only chance some children have for regular physical activity. But access to those opportunities remains a challenge, and many programs do not have the capacity to accommodate all the children who want to participate. In addition to providing outlets for needed physical activity, research shows that youth who participate in organized out-of-school sports programs benefit from better health and well-being, confidence, academic achievement, peer relationships, and conflict resolution skills.

Recognizing this need, many social entrepreneurs have started non-profit programs that increase access for area youth to participate in organized sports. These innovative, integrative programs have proven effective in enhancing the self-esteem, character, and education of the youth whom they serve by joining sports with structured opportunities for learning within a caring environment. Despite their effectiveness, many of these organizations struggle toward sustainability, lacking reliable ongoing funding, human capital, and the network to operate at a meaningful scale.

The BAYS Foundation believes that the best way to enhance opportunities for Bay Area youth to participate in organized sports is not by starting another small program, but by strengthening a carefully selected portfolio of partner programs. Through strategic financial investments, the involvement of young leaders, and networking opportunities, the Foundation will have a catalytic effect on the ability of these organizations to accomplish their mission.

Our Mission

The BAYS Foundation works to strengthen programs and organizations that provide opportunities and increase access for low income youth to participate in organized sports in the greater San Francisco Bay Area.

Our Approach

We develop long-term relationships with a portfolio of partner organizations and work with them to provide needed capital and human resources that will have a significant and meaningful impact on their programs and the children they serve. We do not accept unsolicited grant proposals.

Our Goals

• Expand opportunities and build capacity by sustaining and growing existing programs and organizations, and by providing support for the development of new programs and organizations that will achieve our mission.

• Invest in programs and organizations that can deliver measurable and sustained outcomes, and for whom our contributions will make a significant difference and help to create lasting impacts.

• Contribute leadership, as well as human and financial resources, to strengthen and develop our partners’ programs and organizations.

• Connect related groups and leaders with one another to help achieve broader opportunities for access and participation across many sports and communities and to achieve greater effectiveness in program development and delivery.

• Engage a broad and diverse group of individual and corporate investors to help achieve our mission and to promote the values that organized sports can help foster in individuals and communities.

•Provide an opportunity for young leaders to engage in civic life.

•Create lasting and meaningful impacts on individuals and communities.